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Assign a Caregiver

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Click on "My Caregivers" at the top of the screen.


Click on the "Generate PIN" button. You will be given the option to print the PIN or enter your personal caregiver's email.


Provide the PIN to your personal caregiver. Direct them to register with the state's portal, https://patient.massciportal.com.


After your personal caregiver has registered with the Program, you will be sent an email notice confirming their registration. Log back into the portal, click on “My Caregivers” at the top of the screen, and verify that the individual displayed is your personal caregiver. If yes, select “Yes, I validate that this is my Personal Caregiver,” and indicate whether your personal caregiver is an immediate family member, or not. Then click on “Approve.” You will then be taken to a screen that indicates that your personal caregiver’s registration is pending approval by the Program.


After their registration is processed, an email will be sent to your personal caregiver regarding the status of their registration.

For the person you are designating as a Caregiver:

A patient has started the process of assigning you as their personal caregiver. Please keep that PIN handy you've received by email or in-person. Create an account on https://patient.massciportal.com. Follow the prompts on the screen.


You'll then receive an email from the state to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, log into the portal.


Click "Register as a Caregiver".


Review the Caregiver Information. Click "Proceed". Then, fill in your personal information. Your name and address on your application must match the driver's license or ID you are using. Please note: The PIN in this section is the PIN that was given to you by your registered qualifying patient. Finish this part by checking the "I agree" box after reading the attestations.


Upload your valid form of identification and fill in all prompts. Click "Proceed".


Upload a photo of yourself. This page will explain the photo requirements. Oftentimes, it's easiest to get a passport photo taken and use this. Click "Proceed".


Review your application. You can edit info at this step. Click "Proceed".


Your application will be reviewed by the state. Please notify your patient that you have submitted your application. The patient will need to log onto their account and validate your as their personal caregiver. Once they have done this, the state will then review your registration application.


You'll receive a card in the mail and can then visit dispensaries on behalf of your patient.

If you decide to choose a Caregiver, once they have gone through registration, we suggest to call the CCC to see if they can expedite approval. We have been seeing these being approved quite quickly recently.

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