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To further accommodate and protect our patients during this time, we’re now offering curbside pickup in Northampton!


Ordering Instructions: 

Step 1: Place your NETA Northampton Reserve Ahead order.

Step 2: Select Curbside as your method of purchase and choose your pick up window time.

Step 3: Wait for a confirmation message that your order is available for pick up.

Pick up Instructions:

Step 1: Upon arrival to the NETA Northampton lot, you will be directed to a designated and secure curbside pick-up parking space.

Step 2: Once parked, a member of our staff will ask for your order number, patient card & government-issued photo ID through the vehicle’s window.

Step 3: The responding NETA staff member will retrieve your order, confirm it’s correct with you and then process your payment with a wireless debit terminal.

Other important info:

All persons in the vehicle must be 21+ unless they are a registered, qualifying patient.

All persons in the vehicle must have government-issued photo IDs.

At this time, we’re only accepting debit card payments through curbside pick up. 

Curbside pick up is only available at NETA Northampton at this time. We’re working on more accommodations for Brookline patients – stay tuned!


Reserve your Northampton curbside order today: 



Questions? we’re happy to help!

 [email protected]


NETA Brookline: 617-841-7250

NETA Northampton: 413-727-8415



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