​N​ETA has recently been accredited with the assistance of identifying and capturing a felony in Brookline’s community.

Public safety is a top priority for ​the Brookline location​​. “This event emphasizes our commitment to public safety, to helping the community, and to being good neighbors,” said ​​Norton Arbelaez, the Director of Government and Community Affairs for NETA​​.​

The security cameras were able to assist the Brookline police in providing them with important information about a convicted felon in the area. Brookline currently has 36 monitors monitoring the surrounding area. Being housed inside the historic, old Brookline Bank Building, Arbelaez says that the security features are what greatly aided in selecting this location.

NETA and the Brookline police were able to identify suspect Jose Ramiro, who has been linked to several felonies in the area, including robberies and possibly others. The high resolution cameras were able to capture the license plate that was linked to one of Ramiro’s aliases. The arrest has lead to a positive relationship between the police and NETA.

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