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NETA CARES is the philanthropic arm of New England Treatment Access LLC, its altruistic vision is to support in unique and creative ways the local communities that NETA serves, to understand their needs, and to offer aid where available NETA resources can be most helpful. NETA Cares also recognizes the critically important role of medical research and considers appropriate contributions to assist in the advancements of science, treatments, and cures. 

Guided by a set of values that affirms the NETA mission, NETA Cares devotes itself to the tenets of good citizenship and caring neighbors. NETA Cares embraces its responsibility, along with NETA employees, to be engaging stewards of local community interests.
2020 – A Year in Review
2020... what a year! There are so many emotions experienced when reminiscing on the year that 2020 was. As we turn another page to the new year, we wanted to reflect on the highs NETA Cares experienced over the last 12 months. Pre-Covid. Bef...
By The Team at NETA 03th  Jan
NETACares Food Drive Benefiting The Amherst Survival Center
NETACares at NETA Northampton latest charity drive is in full swing! We're collecting canned/healthy food for The Amherst Survival Center to help those in need in the 13 towns in Hampshire County. Suggested donations include: Canned Fruit...
By The Team at NETA 20th  Aug
2019 High HOPes 3-Miler Benefiting My One Wish Foundation
Just about one month ago, on Saturday, October 12th, NETA Cares had 15 participants at the High HOPes 3-miler race at Craftroots Brewing in Milford, MA. Some were eager to win the race and run their best time. Others were utilizing this outing as a g...
By The Team at NETA 21th  Oct

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PATIENTS You won't have to wait in line. Just come on in! ADULT USE Now Open! Lines are significantly shorter compared to opening week. In fact, for several hours on most weekdays, there is no line outside at all. Consider using our Reserve Ahead web app (NETACARE.ORG/RESERVEAHEAD) - most of the time there is little to no line outside for Reserve Ahead pickup orders.