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  • First, reach out to your primary care physician or nurse practitioner to see if they are able to certify you for medical cannabis. If they are unable to, you'll have to find a cannabis certifying specialist. Many are offering telemed appointments at this time. This means, the doctor or NP is able to certify you for medical cannabis online or over the phone. We've made it even easier for you - see our list below of Massachusetts cannabis doctors offering telemed appointments.
  • During your telemed appointment, you’ll be certified online or over the phone, and will be entered into the Initial Access Program. The Initial Access Program gives new patients a temporary 14-day, 2.5oz allotment until your official registration card comes in the mail. See "Register with the State" on this page (at the bottom) for how you'll officially register with the state.
  • Typically, your certification is valid up to 1 year, but in some cases, you may only be certified for a shorter period. Be sure to keep tabs on expiration dates. View our Patient Handbook (also linked on this page) for other dates to keep in mind, and how best to track them all.
  • Once you are certified and have your Initial Access Registration Card, you’re almost on your way to visiting a dispensary that same day!
  • Telemed Practitioners for NEW and RENEWING Patients
  • Heally Online Medical Cannabis Doctors - https://getheally.com
  • Zaklin Integrative ECS Wellness (accepts some forms of health insurance) - (978-998-0010) - https://www.ryanzaklinmd.com/
  • Dr. Kwesi Ntiforo - (413-773-0211) - https://www.baystatehealth.org
  • Alternative Wellness Centers - (413-270-0451) - https://altwellnesscenters.com
  • CED Clinic - (617-500-3595) - https://www.cedclinic.com
  • Marimed Consults - (413-455-1081) - http://marimedconsults.info
  • The Holistic Center - (774-615-5204) - https://thcevaluation.com
  • Canna~Wise Alternative Medicine - (774-321-6057) - https://cannawisemed.org
  • South Shore Primary and Urgent Care - (781-561-0460) - https://www.southshoremds.com
  • Creating Well Being - (508-545-2500) - https://rcwellbeing.com
  • Inhale MD - (617-861-8519) - https://inhalemd.com
  • Schwartz Medical Group - (781-551-8002) - http://www.schwartzmedicalgroup.net
  • Dr. Lydia Kapell, MD - (413-342-4699) - https://www.lydiakapellmd.com
  • Green Nurse Group - (781-709-6765) - https://www.greennursegroup.com
  • Canna Care Docs - (866-846-2420) - https://cannacaredocs.com
  • MMJ Medical Practice - (978-594-0816) - http://mmjmedicalpractice.net
  • Wellness Alternatives - (508-473-8800)
  • Telemed Practitioners for RENEWING Patients
  • Dr. Walker Wellness - (508-375-7976) - https://www.drwalkerwellness.net
  • CannaMed - (866-624-1191) - http://cannamed.com
  • Uplifting Health & Wellness - (508-444-2324) - http://totalhealthcarethc.com
  • MedMar Medical - (781-933-9399) - https://medmarmed.com
  • Register with the State
    After you’ve been certified to use medical cannabis, your doctor or NP will give you an Initial Access Certification card, immediately granting you access to NETA (and other dispensaries). As mentioned, this is a 14-day, 2.5oz allotment. However, in order to make medical purchases beyond 14 days, you must register as a patient online to receive a program ID card.
  • The certification you received from your doctor or NP prompts the MA Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) to send you an email with detailed instructions on how to register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. That email contains a PIN, which you’ll need to register.
  • Upload all necessary documentation to your computer - this is your government-issued ID (license, state ID or passport).
  • Fill in all fields. Review and submit your application.
  • Print your temporary paper program ID card (Another temporary registration card for you to use until your official card arrives!)
  • Shortly after, your physical registration card should arrive in the mail. Typically, this is valid for 1-3 years. You'll bring this card + your valid, government-issued ID when you visit NETA (or any other dispensary).
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    PATIENTS You won't have to wait in line. Just come on in! ADULT USE Now Open! Lines are significantly shorter compared to opening week. In fact, for several hours on most weekdays, there is no line outside at all. Consider using our Reserve Ahead web app (NETACARE.ORG/RESERVEAHEAD) - most of the time there is little to no line outside for Reserve Ahead pickup orders.