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Visit Your Doctor
The first step in becoming a registered medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts is to get a doctor’s certification.
1. Schedule a visit. Your family doctor or a specialist is a good place to start. Be straightforward. Explain why you feel medical marijuana can be helpful and ask if he or she is willing to certify you. It should be no different than discussing other potential treatment options with your doctor.
2. If your doctor can’t certify you, you can search on our map to find local doctors that specialize in and understand medical marijuana treatments.
3. Once you receive your certification, it can last up to 1 year or you may only be certified for a shorter period. Be sure to keep tabs on expiration dates.
4. Once you are certified, it’s time to register with the state’s Medical Use Of Marijuana Online System. Click here for step-by-step registration instructions.
find a doctor

Your doctor's office will let you know what to bring to your first visit


You will have time to ask questions about medical marijuana and how it can best work for your needs


At the end of your visit, your doctor will decide whether to certify you, and for how long


This certification allows your to move to the next step: State Registration


Your doctor's office will initiate the registration process, and you will receive an email with next steps

NETA Guide for Patient Registration Click here CERTIFYING PHYSICIANS Click here
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