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Simplicity, convenience, & purity. All-in-one, distillate-based, disposable vaporizer. Just inhale.

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Simplify your life.

This discreet and potent vaporizer is ready when you are. The battery is fully charged for the entire duration of your use. The temperature has been set to deliver smooth vapor without any harsh or burnt smoke, and is generally easier on the lungs.

  • Highest quality cannabis distillate.

    Distillate is ultra potent, pure and viscous THC oil. It has little to no taste or odor.

  • Almost immediate effect.

    One inhalation is all it takes. Wait at least 5 minutes before consuming more. Most consumers feel effects within a few minutes of use.

  • Full of juice.

    We've engineered the battery to deliver powerful hits for the lifetime of the cartridge. No buttons to turn it on or off, just inhale when you need it.

  • One of the most affordable distillate options available.


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