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Our premium distillate vaporizer. Generally testing at 90% TAC, this is not for beginners.

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Unmatched cannabis distillate.

Distillate is ultra potent, pure and viscous THC oil. It is much more difficult to produce than traditional extracts, but the end result is worth it. We can extract near perfect THC and CBD, fully activated (decarboxylated) and ready to use.

  • Pair with our APEX battery or CCell battery.

    Our adjustable-voltage, rechargeable battery ($10) will allow you to experience APEX again and again. Compatible C-Cell battery ($20) comes in several colors (rose gold, blue, black and silver).

  • Almost immediate effect.

    A single inhalation is all it takes. Wait at least 5 minutes before consuming more. Most consumers feel effects within a few minutes of use.

  • Incredible variety.

    Try a strain-specific APEX cartridge. Although distillate has little to no taste, we have reintroduced terpenes. This creates potent and flavorful strains to manage your needs and improve your mood.

  • Priced right for you.

    ~1000mg of pure distillate is $100. Or, our ~500mg APEX pens deliver the same punch, in a more affordable option. Same great effect, half the price.

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