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D-Line Drops

NETA's 1mg/drop water soluble beverage additive, a great way to kick up your favorite drink.

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Drops are best enjoyed in flavored beverages like smoothies, juice, soda, coffee and more! Each drop is approximately 1 mg and there are about 300 drops per container (~300mg total). The effects of consumption are similar to other edibles, usually felt within 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. Available in THC, CBD, 1:1 THC:CBD varieties. 

  • 1 drop at a time.

    Fine-tune your dosage with Drops, down to the mg. Remember to always start low, and go slow.

  • Different than tincture?

    Yes! Drops are water soluble, so they mix better in beverages. There are also reports of quicker onset to feel effects.

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    A bottle of Drops (~300mg) is $60.

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