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Ultra pure, high-potency, isolated cannabis oil with the consistency of honey.

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All concentrates are not created equal.

All concentrates are not created equal. Our team of scientists use incredibly precise lab grade equipment to extract essential oils (cannabinoids) from our plants. The end result is marijuana distillate – a highly potent, pure, odorless oil used as the basis for our vape pens and our delicious edibles.

  • Not for beginners.

    Distillate can be incredibly fast in its onset and have powerful effects. Try a portion as small as a poppyseed to start.

  • Serious discretion.

    When vaporized, there is little to no marijuana aroma. A clean vapor, ideal for those who do not want to smoke.

  • Ready when you are.

    D-Line is decarboxylated, which means it’s ready for consumption. Mix it in your favorite hot beverage or spread on a cracker. Spiral around a joint for an extra kick, or dab in your preferred vaporizer.

  • Priced right for you.

    1G of this versatile and potent distillate is $95.

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