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Where art and science combine to produce some of the best cannabis around.

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Unmatched quality.

It all starts with a seed. All of our products start with the finest strains, grown in ideal conditions. Our 24-hour humidity controlled environments are designed to mimic the perfect weather for growing cannabis. Each plant receives everything it needs to produce potent, flavorful, and beautiful flower.


Hand trimmed product.

We believe in preserving as many medicinal trichomes as possible, and that is achieved with hand-trimming. We take pride in making sure every bud is meticulously inspected and handled with great care.

  • Incredible strain variety.

    Triple OG, ACDC, Hurricane, Citrix, GG #4, Facewreck, GSC, Ninja Fruit, Northern Lights x OG, Flo, Arcata Trainwreck, Walker Kush, Black Triangle Kush, Sweet Tooth, DSD, Chem Dawg, Modified Punch, Moonshine Haze, Bruce Banner, Golden Lemon #4, Buddha's Sister, Lee Roy, Blue Dream, Ghost Train Haze, Tangerine Haze, Old Time Bubba, Blackwater OG, Citral OG Haze, Dread Bread, Master Kush, Silver Sunshine, Ninja Fruit, Wedding Pie, Milkbone, and more to come!

  • Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, CBD.

    We try to have a strain (or two) for everyone. Our menu features strains in all varieties, and at various testing levels. Be sure to reserve your order before you visit NETA to secure your favorite strains.

  • Priced right for you.

    1 gram: $15; 1/8: $50; 1/4: $100; 1/2: $175; 1 oz: $300.

  • How much cannabis can I purchase?

    Adult Use consumers can buy up to 1oz of cannabis flower. Medical patients can possess up to 10oz of cannabis flower.

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Make your selection anywhere with the NETA Reserve Ahead app. Orders are usually filled within 15-20 minutes. Pick up before closing.

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