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Pre Rolls

Rolled perfectly with potent and flavorful strains.

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Precisely packed.

Each pre roll is filled with premium marijuana flower in either natural rice or hemp paper, and hand twisted. Available in 2 sizes, mini (0.75g) and regular (1g), you can find the strain and dose that’s right for you.


Wide variety.

  • Wide variety.

    We strive to have something for everyone at NETA; Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, CBD, 1:1, high-testing and low-testing. All of our flower strains are available in pre roll form.

  • What's available?

    Check out the Reserve Ahead menu to see the latest selection of pre rolls.

  • Priced right for you.

    0.75g mini pre rolls are $12; 1g regular pre rolls are $15. When available, 5-packs are $70; 10-packs are $135.

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Make your selection anywhere with the NETA Reserve Ahead app. Orders are usually filled within 15-20 minutes. Pick up before closing.

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