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This brittle concentrate literally “shatters” into small pieces used for vaporizing and dabbing.

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Flawless transparency.

High quality shatter gets noticed. You can actually see the purity in our glass-like concentrate. Shatter is great for those who are experienced with concentrates and want a product with high testing results.

  • Go low and slow.

    Shatter can be swift in its onset, and have powerful effects. Try a portion as small as a grain of rice to start. Shatter usually tests between 80-95% TAC.

  • Wide variety for shatter and vaporizer options.

    We offer strain-specific shatter options. Pair it with an on-the-go vaporizer like the Kuli, or an at-home dab rig and electronic heating nail for ease of use.

  • Priced right for you.

    1G of glass-like shatter is $60.

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