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Where would you like to pick up your reservation?

northampton 21+ Welcome / Medical first
brookline 21+ Welcome / Medical first

Reserve Ahead ordering is available during store hours for same day pickup.

Subject to state limits – up to 5 grams of concentrate or 1 ounce of flower or combination, per transaction.

Thank you for booking your NETA consultation.

Please check your email for confirmation of the Retail Location and Time that you have requested. We look forward to meeting you!

Is there a line?

Last Updated at 11:35 AM

About 10-15 Minutes
PATIENTS You won't have to wait in line. Just come on in! ADULT USE Now Open! Lines are significantly shorter compared to opening week. In fact, for several hours on most weekdays, there is no line outside at all. Consider using our Reserve Ahead web app (NETACARE.ORG/RESERVEAHEAD) - most of the time there is little to no line outside for Reserve Ahead pickup orders.