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NETA is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion, and to positively impact communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs through high rates of arrest and incarceration. We believe that the people in our internal and external communities are the most valuable assets we have. The combined sum of our differences, experiences, creativity, self-expression and unique capabilities represents an integral part of not only the NETA culture, but also of our overall success.

NETA stands united in the fight for social justice and racial equality. We continue to believe that we are in this together as one human race today and every day. NETA stands against injustice and racism.

Sample Email to Legislators on Cannabis Equity


Subject: Please support Amendments 383, 444, & 491 to H. 4879


Dear Rep. _______,


I am writing to ask you to support and prioritize the following amendments to H.4879, An Act enabling partnerships for growth to help advance economic opportunity in the communities most harmed by the War on Drugs and in furtherance of the noble equity goals this Legislature set in revising our law regulating cannabis:

  • Amendment 383: Host Community Agreements

o   This amendment would add the bill that this Chamber has already passed ensuring regulation of host community agreements to provide another opportunity for our Senate colleagues to act on this urgent issue.

o   Sponsors: Reps. Rogers and Tyler

  • Amendment 444: Cannabis Social Equity

o   This amendment would create a Cannabis Social Equity Loan Trust Fund for the purpose of making no-interest loans to economic empowerment and social equity program participants utilizing 10% of existing cannabis revenues as well as outside donations as envisioned by S. 2650, sponsored by Sens. Nick Collins, Jamie Eldridge, & Rebecca Rausch and Reps. Dan Cullinane, Mindy Domb, Dan Hunt, & Chynah Tyler.

o   Sponsor: Rep. Doherty

  • Amendment 491: Redirecting Donations to the Cannabis Control Committee

o   This amendment would enable the Cannabis Control Commission to use fines and donations to support equity in the cannabis industry.

o   Sponsors: Reps. Rogers and Tyler


Massachusetts voters approved Question 4 in 2016 with the promise of an equitable cannabis industry, with support for applicants disproportionately harmed by the War on Drugs — particularly black and brown communities — as well as for enterprises operated by women, veterans, and people with disabilities.


When the Legislature rewrote the cannabis legalization law, you upheld those values by committing that cannabis revenues should fund “Programming for restorative justice, jail diversion, workforce development, industry-specific technical assistance, and mentoring services for economically-disadvantaged persons in communities disproportionately impacted by high rates of arrest and incarceration for marijuana offenses,” among several other legalization-related public health and safety priorities.


Furthermore, the updated law charged the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) with creating “procedures and policies to promote and encourage full participation in the regulated marijuana industry by people from communities that have previously been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement and to positively impact those communities.”


To date, the Legislature has not appropriated a penny of cannabis revenue toward the equity goals that we set and now, as communities are trying to recover from COVID-19 and foster economic development, is the time to do so.


The CCC has budgeted only $300,000 toward equity programming each year for the last three years. We therefore shouldn’t be surprised that four years later, we still have only three businesses owned by economic empowerment applicants and equity program participants operating across the entire Commonwealth — and only one is Black-owned.


We must all recommit ourselves to the lofty equity goals that both voters and members of the House and Senate set forth. As you reflect on new ways to improve equity in the Commonwealth through police reform, economic development, and other policies, I hope that you’ll continue the efforts we started four years ago.


NETA is a founding and participating member of CultivatED, the First in the Nation Jails to Jobs Program for the Cannabis Industry. This innovative public-private partnership provides fellows with a robust co-operative education program in the cannabis industry, free legal services, workforce preparedness training, and cannabis externships with livable wages and benefits.

NETA partners with C3RN for the first-ever social equity training program

The Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (official social equity program vendor) held the first-ever in-dispensary skills training for social equity program participants earlier this month at NETA Brookline.

NETA Sponsored the State House News Service’s Marijuana Policy Forum

Kim Napoli served as a panelist in this important discussion.

NETA weighs in on WGBH's Basic Black to discuss "Marijuana Industry in Massachusetts and how People of Color fit in."

Basic Black explores how does people of color fit into Massachusetts’ emerging cannabis industry. Tito Jackson, Sieh Samura, Kobie Evans and Kim Napoli joins the panel.

on 7/27, the House takes up an economic development bill and Cannabis Policy Committee House Chair Dave Rogers, Ways & Means Committee House Vice-Chair Chynah Tyler, & Rep. Carol Doherty are helping to build on our momentum by filing amendments to advance important reforms to increase equitable participation in the cannabis industry and community reinvestment but we need your help.


State representatives (for any home or work locations) need to hear from you and your supporters ASAP to increase the chance that some of these policies will be adopted.


Please take a moment ASAP to personalize the sample email below and send it to your state representative. To increase the impact, add your story or perspective to the email and follow up with a call to leave a voicemail for your representative. To find your representative’s contact info, click here.

Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to equity and restorative justice.

Candid Conversation on Cannabis in Our Community

NETA’s own Kim Napoli participated in this expert panel designed to educate and inform communities of color on participation and opportunity in the growing cannabis industry.

C3RN, Community First, NETA initiates diversity scholarship

“We are grateful for her leadership and support in starting the diversity scholarship program for students and those from disadvantaged communities to come to the event for free in Massachusetts with NETA and SSDP!” – C3RN

NETA sponsored the Equity and Opportunity Job Fair

The Commonwealth Dispensary Association, Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Equitable Opportunities Now, Cannabis Business Association, and ELEVATE NE were pleased to collaborate and co-host a special event connecting prospective employees to Massachusetts’ fastest growing sector.

NETA joins panelists for Seeing Green: Massachusett’s Experience with Regulated Marijuana Two Years In

This was the second year the event has occurred. It is moderated by Cannabis Control Commissioner Britte McBride. Kim Napoli provided an educational presentation on social equity programs and requirements for operators in Massachusetts.


As part of a comprehensive approach to achieving our diversity and inclusion goals and positively impacting the world around us, NETA has partnered with the following organizations. All sponsorships are made to enable our partners to continue and expand the work they do.

MUSE Foundation

The MUSE Foundation provides disabled adults the opportunity to have flexible, individualized music instruction, as the scaffolding for significant social interaction and community-building for this underserved population. NETA provides funding for scholarships to aid in annual MUSE program attendance for two adults.

Black Market

Black Market serves as Boston’s premiere space for underserved Makers, Artisans + Entrepreneurs who desire a shared, cooperative-style retail environment to build their business and take their revenue stream to new levels. Located in Dudley Square in Roxbury, Black Market celebrates diversity in many categories including: gender, age, educational attainment, religion, race, ethnicity and income. NETA has partnered with Black Market in the form of a sponsorship for a 6ft table for the 2019 Black Market Season. Additionally, NETA intends to host at least one job fair at the Black Market retail location.

Cannabis Community Care and Research Network

C3RN is a network of dedicated academics, cannabis industry, healthcare providers, consumers, and patients who aim to advance the science and research around medical and adult use cannabis. NETA has joined C3RN as a Silver Member, in addition to being a founding business partner in C3RN’s diversity scholarships which offer free event attendance to residents of disproportionately impacted communities.

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