NETA Cares showed support for the Children’s Advocacy Center by attending the 19th Annual Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Breakfast in Hadley on Friday morning, the second year in a row. The center truly offers all needs for children and families who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse. It is a welcoming, child-friendly home where victims can receive the care they need and deserve, while the investigation is going on.

Murph, Northampton Team Lead commented, “It was a humbling gathering of law enforcement, health-care professionals, elected officials, and various supporters of the CAC brought together through community and cause. This was a great event raising awareness of a tragic reality for many and honoring those who have fought back against it.”

In 2017, CAU investigated 407 cases, involving 551 victims. 204 offenders were charged with offenses against children. As to limit the amount of times a child victim has to speak with investigators or be examined in a hospital, there is a process of interviews organized outside the police station and medical help outside of an Emergency Room.

NETA Cares attendees also heard from keynote speaker, Lisa Fontes, a senior lecturer at the University Without Walls at UMASS and an expert on child abuse and violence against women. She trains criminal justice, social work, and psychology professionals in Chile, Puerto Rico, and Guyana, as well as the U.S. and has worked as a psychotherapist.

Children are the most vulnerable, and in fact, according to, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. NETA Cares is proud to support this life changing organization.

To view the gallery of our staff at this breakfast, click here.