A team of seventeen NETA Cares athletes stormed the fields at Harvard’s athletic complex last Thursday to complete for the coveted Corporate Cup a second year in a row. The team took on 74 other teams in multiple challenges, all to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. The day started with a speech from a young BCH patient that truly set the stage for what this day meant: Win or lose, we do it for the kids. All the money raised, all the outreach efforts, all the sweat, blood and tears, all benefits the children at BCH.

Michael, NETA Cares competitor, shared, “When I heard about the Corporate Cup I jumped at the opportunity to sign up and participate. It was a chance to be competitive again, but more importantly band together as human beings to support the Boston Children’s Hospital. Hearing the guest speaker’s story of receiving two lung transplants was such an inspiration. The fact that there was a place for her to go to receive that level of care is an amazing blessing.”

Erin, NETA Cares athlete, commented, “This was my first year participating in the Corporate Cup! I had a blast! Some of the challenges were definitely a lot tougher than I expected but it’s nothing compared to what these kids go through. At the end of the day, it’s all about the kids.”

The day consisted of eight events, each 20-minutes long. The NETA Cares team had members rowing 300 meters as fast as they could, sprinting 50-meters in the quickest time, shooting as many hoops as possible, scrambling for soccer balls, strategically placing pinnies in Tic-Tac-Toe, dominating the obstacle course, launching the football for points, and finally, using all body and mind strength to conquer the tug of war challenge. From 1 PM until 5 PM, there was non-stop movement and excitement. There was a light warmup to start everyone up in the beginning, but after that, the sheer grit commenced! The team felt lucky to have such nice weather, compared to last year. Low 80-degree temps and a cooling breeze – you could not ask for a better outdoor adult field day!

Chad, NETA Cares participant, commented, “NETA Cares is an amazing program!  I love it because it gives me a chance to get out of the Production/Cultivation Facility and live young, wild, and free while raising money for a great cause.  The BCH Corporate Cup gave me the opportunity to meet co-workers that I would typically not have had the chance to associate with due to our different office locations.  I hope to get invited back again next year!”

Jay, another NETA Cares champ, expressed, “Giving back to community has always been an important part of my life, and even with a busy work schedule, NETA Cares allows me to just that!”

Boston Children’s Hospital set a goal to raise $600,000. To date, they’ve surpassed that goal by 17% – $703,149.48! It is no wonder how they got voted as America’s #1 children’s hospital five years in a row. NETA Cares is proud to support such a wonderful establishment. The team is already preparing for next year’s Corporate Cup!

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