Last week, New England endured days and days of rain. Although Thursday was cloudy, the day overall was cool and dry, which aided the efforts of all 80 teams participating in Corporate Cup.

Every year for the last three years, NETA Cares has sent a team of 20 athletes to Harvard Athletic Complex to “play like kids” for a great cause: raising funds (and awareness) for Boston Children’s Hospital. This year proved to be the busiest year – BCH had divided the 80 teams into two days of competition (Wednesday, 7/17, and Thursday, 7/18). However, given how wild and unpredictable the weather was last week, BCH had to combine both days into one ultimate day of friendly competition.

80 teams then gathered by noon on Thursday, 7/18. The day started with inspirational talks from BCH staff and families with children at BCH. You could feel the excitement and jitters throughout the sea of competitors. After a quick, 10-minute warm-up, the day officially commenced!

Each team participated in eight different challenges. Some involved the entire team, others had specific player requirements. It was tough to pick the most fun activity of the day – Tug of War, rounds and rounds of intense, merciless pulling with the sole intention to tire out the opponent and hoist the cup in glory; Rowing, where you think it’s a solo sport, but really involves the entire team to hold the machine down from forceful and rapid pulls; Obstacle course, dives, jumps, hops, planks and puzzles; and more.

Erin, Franklin Cultivator, commented, “This was my second year participating in the Corporate Cup for Boston Children’s. It gets better every year. We are all competing against each other but at the end of the day, we’re all fighting for the same thing; the kids.”

Melisa, Production Operations Training Manager, shared, “In the hustle and bustle that is NETA, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the tasks, projects and endless ‘to do’ lists that make up your week. Taking a break from that and experiencing some of what makes NETA so incredible (teamwork, positivity, and a knack for adaptation, to name a few) was invigorating. Happy to break a sweat with you all, let’s go for first next year! ”

To sweeten the “big win” for the team, all donations and proceeds went to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital, which was voted #1 children’s hospital in the country by US News & World Report. This year, the Hospital has allotted the money towards children’s mental health. They’ve been able to purchase more beds for those requiring intensive or overnight care, and hire more staff, like nurses and social workers. Additionally, they’ve introduced a yoga, meditation and reiki room for holistic therapy.

BCH is also finalizing the bridge connecting the parking garage to the hospital. They are building a big addition, which will host NICU and more rooms for families. To put it in numbers, they see about 1,000 unique patients everyday, perform 120+ surgeries in a day, and impact nearly 90% of modern, adult healthcare.

The team worked hard, played hard, and brought home 8th place overall (out of 80 teams), 4th place in Tug of War, and 2nd place in Biking Challenge. They are still coming down from the high of competition, and are already planning their approach and strategy for next year. Check out photos from this year’s Corporate Cup.

August is a busy month for NETA Cares! You can find us:

  • 8/4: Shelburne Farms – Cider Pairing Dinner benefiting the Food Bank of Western MA
  • 8/18: Falmouth, MA – Falmouth Road Race benefiting Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • 8/19: Woodland Golf Club – BWH Invitational Golf Tournament benefiting Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • 8/25: D-Bar – Tea Dance LGBTQ+ Party