Bright and early on Sunday morning, four runners trekked across Massachusetts to meet “down the Cape” for a 7-mile road race. It was the first year participating in the Falmouth Road Race for these athletes, they were running to represent Brigham and Woman’s Hospital.

BWH only took 40 runners to participate in this race. Our team was thrilled to have four of the coveted spots on the team. Hundreds of other competitors gathered near the buses between 6 AM and 8 AM, all hoping the clouds would clear for a beautiful run along the coast. And clear they did! Towards the end of the race, the skies opened up and the heat truly skyrocketed. Runners pushed through to the finish – with breakfast and lobster rolls on the brain.

Bry, one of NETA Cares’ most participating runners, commented, “The 2019 Falmouth Road Race was a spectacular event. I witnessed thousands of participants running with passion and glee through the serene, foggy beaches of Cape Cod to support worthy causes that benefit our local communities. This was Massachusetts at its best.”

NETA Cares continues its busy month! Here is where you can find our team:

  • 08/25: Victory Programs LGBTQ+ Tea Dance
  • 09/16: Brigham and Women’s Hospital Celebrity Golf Tournament
  • 09/19: Fall Harvest Celebration benefiting CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture)