Just about one month ago, on Saturday, October 12th, NETA Cares had 15 participants at the High HOPes 3-miler race at Craftroots Brewing in Milford, MA. Some were eager to win the race and run their best time. Others were utilizing this outing as a great team-building opportunity. But both groups were there to help support the My One Wish organization, based out of Milford, MA. This foundation is near and dear to the founders of the race, and NETA Cares was happy to support such a wonderful organization.

Eddie, Inventory Coordinator in Brookline, commented, “High HOPes was a race with a cause I was more than happy to participate in. Both the community and Craftroots Brewing provided such an amazing atmosphere to raise funds for ‘My One Wish” organization. Being able to support that, along with going on a nice jog with coworkers, and tasting some mighty fine brews at the end is all the soul needs! Happy to be part of a company that is aware of these opportunities and gives back as much as we can. Sign me up for the next one!”

Paris, Dispensary Coordinator, shared similar sentiments, “I am super proud to have been able to participate in the 3-miler benefiting My One Wish. I joined NETA Cares because I wanted to go the extra mile in terms of giving back to the community. Being able to get together and bond with coworkers over sports and beer is also a bonus! I can’t wait for the next one.”

Finally, Melisa, Production Operations Training Manager, shared, “I read an article about a study co-authored by a Stanford doctoral graduate and professor that said walking improves creative thinking. As a new department, the POT team is constantly creating documents and developing new tools, systems, and checklists to support Production departments. We take our jobs very seriously and we hope to deliver engaging, relevant and streamlined materials to help people perform their jobs at the highest level. The walk gave us time outside of the office to think, chat, and bond with all those creative juices flowing. In addition, we were supporting a good cause, what could be better than that! Thank you, NETA Cares for the opportunity and the experience, we hope to keep churning out awesome training products for you all!”

We had great weather for a fun and rewarding Saturday. We’re already looking forward to next year!