On Thursday, June 20th, several members of NETA Cares attended Battle of the Botanicals. This exciting and lively event drew the crowd in to sample culinary and cocktail creations from local competitors, all benefiting the Hitchcock Center for the Environment.

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment was founded in 1962. Its mission is to educate and inspire action for a healthy planet. To date, they have 539 unique programs throughout the region, 89 communities represented through education programs and have education over 10k program participants of a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

Kyle, Northampton Security Specialist, commented, “I had a great time Thursday night! The talented chefs and mixologists at the Battle of the Botanical’s did a wonderful job crafting cocktails and appetizers in support of the Hitchcock center, an organization who’s mission statement is to foster greater awareness and understanding of the environment. In today’s world, I believe It’s important to support organizations like the Hitchcock center because they provide youth programs and educational tours to create a community that is more environmentally friendly.”

Jason, Northampton PSA, chimed in, “Helping raise funds for the Hitchcock Center by celebrating with a Botanical Battle was a perfect match for NETA Cares!”

John, Northampton Assistant GM, also added, “The Hitchcock Center is an amazing organization whose mission is to educate on ecology and promote a sustainable world. Being apart of an event specifically routed in raising funds for educating on nature, is second to none. They’re world class and put on a stunning fund raiser. Being able to see in real time that an exciting, fun and festive event can actually bring about change is second to none. Pairing what we do at NETA along with the Hitchcock Center is a natural pair, and who doesn’t want to send kids to summer camp?”

All in all, another incredible event to support a worthy cause! The NETA Cares team was so inspired, you may see some of them representing and volunteering with the Hitchcock Center soon.