Harvard Coliseum. 92 degrees. 73 teams. 9 challenges. 1 trophy. 1 champion.

NETA Cares sent 20 brave athletes to compete in Boston Children’s Hospital’s Corporate Cup. They endured sprints, planks, obstacles, and a variety of sporting events. All of the proceeds and donations go directly to The Children’s Fund at Boston Children’s hospital—healing children and families, and supporting vital research for every child. There are so many families around the world that have experienced treatments at Boston Children’s Hospital, or have known someone that has made a visit there. Each patient can say he or she has received world-class treatment, which is exactly why they were voted #1 best children’s hospital in the country. This single event joins teams with participants from all over the country to compete, have fun, and do good, all for the kids.

This year’s Corporate Cup set a goal to raise $500,000. They’ve surpassed that goal by $100,000! And the money continues to come in.

Mikayla, Community Relations Manager at NETA & NETA Cares Administrator, commented, “Corporate Cup was one of the best events our group has been to! It was one of the first events that truly had all three of our locations represented. It sparked new friendships, and ultimately made our team even stronger. Our motto that united us the entire day was, ‘Do it for the kids.’ We battled through some extreme heat that day, and that’s not even an ounce of the strength or energy that some of those kids have every day during their treatments. It felt good knowing that our efforts and contributions were going right into the children’s lives.

The hospital invited team captains to a breakfast and tour before the Corporate Cup so we could see exactly where our money was going. The staff really sent the message home for me. One said, ‘Where did you all park today? Across the street in our garage? How difficult was it to cross the street? Could you imagine that 1,000 cars drive by here every hour? Not to mention all the foot traffic there! Now, could you imagine parking across the street, and trying to carry your little, sick baby to the hospital and facing that traffic? We’re using some of the money from Corporate Cup to fund a bridge from the garage to the hospital.’ I teared up! This hospital is a model of excellence that others should follow, and I am so proud we could support them.”

Chris, Inventory Specialist, added, “Despite nearly passing out from the heat, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the event. Everyone there was in great spirit which really went a long way! We all had a lot of fun doing the various events and trash talking, while raising money for an excellent cause. All in all a win for the day!”

Although the NETA Cares team did not conquer the entire event and win first place, they did battle competitively and had the hospital in mind the entire time. They’re already discussing training in the upcoming months for next year! Check out our gallery, click here!