On Monday, four of NETA Cares’ skilled golfers took the course at The Kittansett Club in Marion, MA. The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect – in the 70s and pure sunshine. The foursome was golfing for Brigham and Women’s Hospital to support their efforts in predicting, preventing and treating the most challenging diseases.

This year, more than 100 golfers showed up to play for a wonderful cause. The proceeds from this event and others help to ensure that all staff, including doctors, nurses and researchers, have everything they need to advice life-giving breakthroughs and advance world-class care even more.

Eric, store manager in Brookline, commented, “It was an awesome day and event for a great organization. I wanted to be a part of this as NETA Cares continues to grow and be a great partner to our surrounding community.”

Sharing those sentiments, Lisa, Brookline Team Lead, said, “In many cases, one over par would be in the winners circle, but not today. However, we played well, the weather was a 10, and representing NETA Cares was our honor and pleasure. #netagolfteam is ready for the next round! #BWHhelpingothers”

Bryan, NETA Intake + Security, shared, “Even though we didn’t bring our A game, we had a lot of fun out there. The sun was shining, I met some great people and the golf course was absolutely beautiful. The best part for me was spending time with my teammates Lisa, Eric and Wes, who are incredible people that know how to have a lot of fun.”

Even members of NETA who do not golf wanted to be there that day – the weather, the location, the cause. NETA Cares is proud to have a team representing, and hopes to continue its participation last year.

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