How many steps do you think you walk in a day? Enough to make a serious difference? You may be surprised to hear that every one of those steps truly counts. NETA Cares was among almost 800 active participants across the country that used steps to benefit the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The nation-wide challenge brought in 120,418,230 total steps! All of these efforts help support innovative research and patient care – while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Katy, NETA Controller & Step Up participant, stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to track my steps all May-long, and see how many marathons we completed as a whole! It made me realize that it is important to get up, get moving, and be active during the day! Since taking part in the Stepping Strong initiative, I realized that I wasn’t living as healthy and active of a lifestyle as I would have liked. Because of this newfound awareness, I have made a point to not only eat healthier but have also started running again, and will be participating in the B.A.A 10K that is coming up this month!”

The combined steps of all participants equated to 42,321 miles (or almost two and a half times around the world). The trauma center first opened for those severely wounded and impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings in 2015; we thought it was only fitting to calculate how many total Boston Marathons we stepped during this challenge. We are excited to announce that our company stepped 121 total Boston Marathons (3,170 total miles). 45% of our participants average between 5,999 and 9,999 steps each day.


Brittany, Brookline Team Lead & Step Up participant, commented, “It was encouraging to see my steps every day, knowing what the end outcome is. It was great motivation because it was for such a good cause, and as a bonus, to be to better myself at the same time.”

Lil, NETA Kitchen staff member & Step Up weekly winner, pronounced, “My favorite saying is, ‘A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.’ If you can put one foot in front of the other, you can walk. My favorite exercise is power walking. It is great exercise for the body and spiritual for the mind. I have walked the Boston Marathon route for the Jimmy fund, and three Project Bread Hunger Walks – all for charity. Imagine helping people while helping yourself! This is my everyday routine to, at the very least, accomplish 10,000 steps per day.”

To celebrate the success of our staff week after week, each location supplied the crew with donuts, bagels, salad bars and fresh fruit on Fridays. We also rewarded staff that stepped the most each week, staff that improved week over week, and finally, a staff member that stepped the most for the entire month.


Dave Kessler, NETA Cares founder, remarked, “It was inspiring to see employees from all three locations come together for such an amazing cause, like contributing to the new trauma center out of their own compassion.”

Khalil, Brookline PSA & Step Up participant, joked, “I never realized how many steps I could naturally incur. I guess my genes blessed me with my lanky figure for a great reason.”

Our team in Northampton shared their thoughts as well. “Great Team building. Built friendly competition. Moral booster,” Alex. Amy had similar feelings, “Good feeling to make a difference for a great cause.” Wil, one of our Weekly Winners, said, “Was a great experience overall! Loved seeing how much ground I covered on a daily basis. A day in NYC pushed me far in steps. Wonderful cause.”

Chris, Franklin Inventory Specialist & Step Up Weekly Winner, disclosed, “For the month of May, Fitbit showed that I clocked in about 215k steps. I wanted to participate because it’s something that everybody could do with or without a fancy step tracker. If I could do something as easy as walking around (which I already do a lot at work) and just log steps for a great cause, then why not? I actually do have a special connection to BWH…. A few years back my Dad had an Arterial Graft. It was a pretty serious surgery, but every step of the way leading up to it, (and waiting during it) the members at BWH were more then helpful and informative every step of the way. I also feel like this challenge subconsciously caused me to walk more then I normally would due to the competitive nature of my coworkers in Brookline. We would always look at each other when we get a chance and compare our numbers.”

As Katy mentioned above, our next challenge is the Boston Athletic Association’s 10k – presented by Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Our team of 12 runners will be gathering in the Boston Commons on Sunday, June 25th, to run for a wonderful cause.

Be sure to check out the Brigham and Women’s website for more results of this month-long challenge, and browse their gallery, click here.