On Sunday, we had one brave NETA Cares athlete bike 100 miles to help end hunger. Brian, a Northampton Inventory Specialist, was one of only 30 people who completed the Food Bank of Western MA’s Will Bike 4 Food 100-mile course. Many others opted for a shorter course, but Brian put his mental and physical strength to the test.

When chatting with Brian about his training and preparation, he said his usual 6-mile ride to and from work every day really helped him. Previously, he had completed several century rides. The fairly quiet, beautiful scenery motivated Brian through the course, especially with ever-changing landscapes including farms, downtown areas, water features, and more along the way.

Heat was definitely a factor during the ride, with temperatures hitting 90+ degrees in Western MA. Brian said he hopped off his bike around mile 60 at high noon, ascending the second large hill. Thankfully, the SAG vehicles were able to bring water. Although he considered stopping at mile 25, and again at 60, Brian persevered with much hydration and was able to push himself to the finish. He also said that salty snacks at the various pit stops helped tremendously. To finish, he was greeted with a burger, chicken wings, a garden salad, beer and a much-needed massage.

We’re so proud of Brian representing NETA Cares so well at this extraordinary event. To conquer 100 miles in the beating sun proves that we can all help in many ways to end hunger. Brian confirms he’d love to do this again next year, and said, “Helmets off to the WillBike4Food crew!”

In Northampton, we have a food drive until the end of September benefiting the Food Bank of Western MA.

To see photos from his 100-mile biking journey, click here!