Last Saturday morning, NETA Cares participants met in Hopkinton State Park to kayak together for a great cause. The group hadn’t partaken in such an activity like this before that also benefited someone or something else. They were kayaking for Against the Tide, an event that fundraises for the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition.

MA Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) is a group dedicated to preventing environmental causes of breast cancer. They work to educate both men and women, and to advocate change to public policy based on supporting research. Against the Tide is a multi-sporting event, where athletes and participants can run, walk, swim or kayak to support the cause and raise money. Events include a 5k walk/run, a competitive 10k, a competitive and a recreational swim, and lastly, a kayaking recreational loop.

Jerry, NETA Cares participant, expressed, “I had a good time. I really liked that it was kayaking, and that there was food involved. I did it because cancer sucks!! I personally have lost multiple people to various forms of cancer, so I’m all for anything to raise money or awareness for this cause.”

This year, Against the Tide raised just over $95,000, with more money still coming in. MBCC also hosts another Against the Tide event in Brewster, MA, where they anticipate even more money donated. At the beachfront were many booths with sponsors and supporters, offering food and drink options for free. Kids, adults, friends and family alike could be seen everywhere – including some breast cancer survivors. As Cheryl Osimo, Executive Director of MBCC, stated, “When passionate individuals join together for a common cause, as you did on June 17th, we can envision a better world for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.”

Mikayla, Operations Specialist & NETA Cares Administrator, commented, “Although I was unable to participate in the kayaking event due to my sore shoulder, it was heart warming to see so many people out in Hopkinton State Park doing active things for MBCC. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and it was devastating news to our family. As she continues her fight, it inspired me to want to participate in this event. I’m sure most women and men aren’t even aware of some lifestyle changes that make them more susceptible to breast cancer. They say knowledge is power – the more information that is easily accessible to everyone, especially through MBCC, the better this world will be.”

After Against the Tide was over, our team met in the parking lot and discussed their experiences. Many expressed their newfound love for kayaking, and that this event certainly ignited a new passion. Additionally, it brought two of our three locations together, a task that can sometimes be challenging to do. This sparked new friendships among our staff, and some even stayed behind to enjoy and explore the State Park more. On top of supporting a wonderful cause, it also built more support within our team.

Mike, Operations Specialist & NETA Cares committee member, concurred, “Attending Against The Tide completely surpassed my expectations. I had no idea how fun kayaking on the lake with my NETA colleagues would be! Our spirits were high, as were those of all the attendees. The fact that the event was in support of a great organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer sealed the deal for me. I’m even thinking of purchasing a kayak now!”

To see a gallery of our team on and off the water, click here.

Our team can next be seen running around the city of Boston, as twelve daring runners are challenging themselves at the BAA + BWH 10k on Sunday, June 25th. We hope to see you all along Commonwealth Ave. cheering us on!