New Year’s Eve. Saturday night. Brisk air swirls around friends and family gathering for the traditional balling-raising from the Hotel Northampton roof in celebration of First Night Northampton. They had just spent 12 hours in Paradise City for the 32nd annual New Year’s Eve party dancing to music, admiring circus performances, munching on delectable treats, and gazing at a firework performance.

First Night Northampton helps to support the biggest fundraiser for the Northampton Center for the Arts, a non-profit organization that is vital to the cultural life of the city of Northampton. Established in 1984, this center served as an affordable and accessible venue for local performances and gatherings. The center’s mission has always been to “encourage participation in a variety of expressive forms and produce quality events that bring people together in celebration of creativity.” It is no wonder that Northampton’s most beloved signature event benefits this center.

It also is no surprise that a NETA Cares team is there to volunteer their time and celebrate! What better way to bring in the new year with friends and family, while participating in one of the biggest community events of the year. There were thousands in the streets with music in the air.

Angela, NETA Northampton Team Lead, says, “It was fun opportunity to support the arts community in Northampton. I was introduced to a great local band and am looking forward to seeing them again!”

We’re already counting down until next New Year’s Eve, with hopes of volunteering and participating even more. Until then, we wish everyone a healthy, happy and successful 2017!