NETA Cares is pleased to announce our sponsorship with ValleyBike Share, a regional bike share program. Northampton is initially planning to locate seven stations throughout the city. NETA will be sponsoring the Pleasant Street, Main Street, and State Street stations.

Mayor David J. Narkewicz comments, “NETA is a great corporate citizen, growing their marijuana dispensary consistent with overwhelming votes of Northampton residents while supporting our efforts to make Northampton a richer and healthier community.”

Other sponsors include Smith College, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, and Florence Bank.

ValleyBike Share will be built from independently administered programs in Northampton, Amherst, Holyoke, and Springfield – though all will be coordinated. The goal of this program is to enhance the lives of the residents of Western Massachusetts by creating more physically, economically, and environmentally livable communities. This can be achieved through the promotion of green transportation, encouragement of healthier lifestyles, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The keys to the ultimate success of this program will be ease of use and expense. Hubway in Boston and Citi Bike in NYC are great examples. Anyone can pick up a bicycle at any self-serve station and return it at the end of his/her journey to any other bike station within the system. The cost per person mile traveled is lower with bicycle share than for almost any other means of travel, especially traditional single-occupancy vehicles.

Leslie Laurie, NETA Regional Director, remarks, “We are proud to be in Northampton and support Northampton’s efforts and place-making and encouraging people to walk and bicycle. Our past donation helped the city redesign Pleasant Street for improved walking and bicycling, so it is only fitting that our current donation will move these efforts to the next step.”

Northampton hopes to launch this regional Bike Share program by 2018.

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