NETA Cares is humbled to have so many willing volunteers in our company. Without the time, energy, love and support from our team, we would not be able to accomplish as much as we were able to do in 2017. We wanted to give a special shout out to the top NETA Cares volunteers from each of our locations.


Brookline: Chelsea and Matthew

Chelsea showed her love to all NETA locations. She volunteered and participated in events on both sides of the state, from the Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton, to the Muckfest Mud Run in Boston.

Matthew goes the extra mile for NETA Cares. He was one of the only NETA Cares walkers to complete the entire 20-mile Walk for Hunger! He also faced the elements at the Muckfest Mud Run.


Franklin: Jay and Mike

Jay dedicated lots of his free time to participating in NETA Cares events. He kayaked in MBCC’s Against the Tide event, ran in the BAA 10k and walked in Safe Passage’s Hot Chocolate Run.

Mike was no stranger to NETA Cares events either. He was seen cheering for Team Brookline at the Boston Marathon and for Mikayla at the Fenway Park Marathon. He dominated the Muckfest Mud Run and kayaked in MBCC’s Against the Tide event. He even showed his love for dogs as a volunteer at our booth for Buddy Dog Humane Society’s Woofstock fundraising event.

Northampton: Brian and Colleen

Brian shared his strength and athleticism to NETA Cares. He completed the 100-mile Will Bike 4 Food challenge with ease and was one of the top runners in the Bridge of Flowers 10k. He was a valued member of our Corporate Cup team and participated in the Hot Chocolate 5k Run.

Brian remarked, “Very appreciative of the card! I am very proud to be a member of the NETA Cares Team. Very grateful for the opportunity to participate and give back to the community.”

Colleen introduced NETA Cares to her world and passion for helping dogs in need. She was instrumental in organizing some of our dog adoption/food drives in the west with Kane’s Krusades and the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center.

Colleen commented, “I appreciate that NETA Cares takes employee causes on as their own. Thomas J. O’Connor Shelter has become a benefactor of the cause, which makes me very happy! Working closely with them I am able to see first hand the animals that we are helping who would otherwise not have a chance”

Overall: Chris (ft. in the center of Franklin’s photo)

Chris wins the overall “thank you” award from NETA Cares because he truly went above and beyond. He attended and participated in events that stretched beyond his base location in Franklin. He joined Matthew in the 20-mile Walk for Hunger, kayaked in MBCC’s Against the Tide event and completed the Hot Chocolate Run. He cheered Mikayla on during the Fenway Park Marathon, and helped out with the booth at Buddy Dog Humane Society’s Woofstock Fundraising event.

Chris shared, “Doing all the NETA Care’s events is the least I can do to assist and help those organizations and people in need. Even the smallest things like handing out water, or cheering on your coworkers and friends, all come together for the greater good and success of each of these events. I’m just happy that I can continue to contribute in one way or another!”

Again, we couldn’t have had the success we did without these dedicated employees. We look forward to another wonderful year!