Last Sunday, May 7th, NETA Cares members walked 20-miles in efforts to end hunger. They were walking in the country’s oldest continual pledge walk, The Walk for Hunger. This walk supports more than 300 local programs in Massachusetts – agriculture, child nutrition programs, meal programs and food pantries. This year alone, the 49th Walk raised over $100 million.


Lil, NETA kitchen staff member and NETA Cares volunteer, comments, “I support Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger because it is a charity to end hunger in Massachusetts. The walk is inspirational, fun, and a great way to see our beautiful city of Boston, while supporting my company.”


Kevin, Brookline PSA & NETA Cares volunteer, shared, “I am sore all over! But when I went home after the walk, my daughter was so excited and proud of me that gave me one of her prized temporary tattoos. She gave me the Mickey Mouse one because she said he is the leader of his group.” She is totally right – we all have to be leaders in this walk to end hunger.

Ariel, Franklin kitchen staff member and NETA Cares volunteer, expressed, “I woke up feeling ecstatic for the walk for hunger. It made me feel very proud to help out a great cause, and was able to do it with my work family. It warms my heart knowing I made a difference, and also got to experience the gorgeous scenery of Boston.”

Along the way were ice cream trucks, bands singing to the walkers, signs of encouragement, and of course, a breathtaking view of the Greater Boston area. With 675,000 people in Massachusetts who can’t predict when or where their next meal is happening, every walker counts. And what better way to help feed hungry children in Massachusetts? As Project Bread says, “Hunger is silent. So we speak up.” Matthew, Brookline PSA & NETA Cares volunteer, shared that sentiment, “Being able to walk 20 miles and give a voice to those who suffer in silence is an incredible feeling! Knowing the impact this walk has is what pushed me through those last few miles. This was an amazing experience!”

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