Last Sunday, April 23rd, NETA Cares not only sponsored, but donated their time to the Purple Run for a Cure, benefiting the American Cancer Society. With over 200 runners, there was a serious need for volunteers! NETA Cares volunteers handled the water stations along the 5k and 10k courses, and helped guide runners as route markers.

“I couldn’t have done it without the NETA Cares volunteers. They put up all the route signs and provided the staffing for the two water stations,” Tom McCusker, Race Organizer and Chief Bottle Washer, said.

Lee, NETA Northampton trainer and NETA Cares volunteer, expressed, “As someone who lives and works in Northampton, being able to volunteer for the Purple Run was a true honor. Seeing the effort and energy that everyone put in was inspiring. I look forward to any future chances to represent NETA and NETA Cares!”

The race was quite successful this year. McCusker continues, “Between all of our volunteers, runners, and walkers, the run raised over $12,000 with money still coming in. The BEST year yet for the Purple Run! Many thanks go out to all who participated, partnered with, and volunteered for this year’s run!”

Karima, Northampton PSA and NETA Cares volunteer, expressed, “It was my privilege to participate, alongside a team of NETA runners and volunteers, in the fourth annual Purple Walk/Run for Life at Look Park. Today’s event raises funds and awareness for the Hampshire County Relay for Life. I feel fortunate to work for an organization such as NETA, which continues to support many worthy causes throughout Western Massachusetts via NETA Cares.”

Making the event even more exciting, our own Inventory Specialist, Brian, competed in the Purple Run 10k and won third place! You could see his bright red shirt and balloon hat along the route, as the crowd cheered wildly.

We are already looking forward to next year’s Purple Run for a Cure! To see pics from this year’s event, click here!