This year, NETA Cares was excited to be involved with UMass Amherst’s Jazz in July Program. Jazz in July is a concentrated two-week program, allowing participants to study jazz improvisation with some of the nation’s best jazz educators and artists. With the program dating back to 30 years ago, current jazz artists help to keep jazz education with the times and relevant in this ever-changing world we live in today.

Rebekah, Northampton PSA and NETA Cares volunteer, commented, “It was truly an honor to watch these young, budding musicians take the stage with such presence. They were so in the zone and were positively beaming! There’s nothing better than a couple of great community staples like NETA and UMass, coming together to encourage artistic expression in the youth of today. That’s how we can really deepen our impact on the world around us!”

Jazz in July’s key message is, “Aiming to connect musicians’ innovations with high quality educators and consequently inspire you to be a part of the jazz legacy that is Jazz in July.” NETA Cares not only volunteered their time to the program, but donated money to help a student in need. The money went towards a scholarship for a student to experience one week of the Jazz in July program. NETA Cares received a “thank you” letter from the Fine Arts Center (FAC) saying that our contribution allows the student to “learn in a rigorous environment, hone their musical skills and perform alongside great jazz educators.”

NETA Cares certainly teamed up with another amazing and rewarding program, and even shook hands with the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Director and Director of Education (below). We hope to continue to support the arts in such an impactful way. Be sure to check out the Jazz in July website to learn more.

See more photos of our NETA Cares team at Jazz in July, click here!