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  • It’s Less Expensive Than You Think

    NETA is providing $200 in store credit to patients who visit NETA within 30 days of becoming a new patient or renewing their doctor’s recommendation (see details below).

  • becoming a patient is Easy

    Registration takes only a few minutes. Click on the Get Started button above to see just how simple it is.

  • Product Variety

    The NETA experience is pretty amazing. We offer nearly 150 lab tested medical marijuana products every day. Check out our interactive menus for Brookline and Northampton for more details.

  • Easy to Get to Us

    Our Brookline and Northampton dispensaries are close, offer ample parking and are accessible by public transportation.

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  • How do the $200 vouchers work?

    Whether you are a new patient or renewing your doctor's recommendation, NETA is providing $200 in credit vouchers to help with the cost of becoming a registered medical marijuana patient. Spend $200 at any NETA location and receive a $200 credit on medicated products. No hassle. Just come in within 30 days of your initial state registration or doctor recommendation renewal to receive this amazing benefit.*

  • Have a friend? It’s time to go to NETA

    Bring a new patient with you to receive our $49 for $1 referral incentive. That’s right: spend just $1 to receive $49 in medicated products! Feel free to take advantage of this benefit again and again.


    • Large selection of marijuana flower and concentrates. Yes, you can smell and see the product before purchase.
    • From Belgian chocolate to multi-flavored gummy cubes, lozenges, caramels, savory oils and more: We have your edible needs covered.
    • Whatever your vape preference, we have a solution: Ultrapure strain-specific distillate based vaporizer cartridges, wax, shatter and kief. The purity, potency and variety of our concentrates are something that you should experience yourself.
    • All products are tested for safety and potency by independent labs.
    • Bulk discounts available.
  • Worried about lines? Fret Not

    We can usually get you in and out in less than 10 minutes through our Express Purchasing option. And you can always check the "Is There A Line?" widget on our website before you head in.

    * Credit redemption limit: $150 per visit. Vouchers are not transferable, have no cash value and may not be combined with the “refer a friend” credit. Voucher must be presented to receive credit. Program limit: $200 in credit vouchers per year. Program subject to change.

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