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NETA Brookline dispensary is located in the heart of Brookline Village. We service the Greater Boston Metro region from Framingham to Boston, from Walpole to North Reading. We proudly serve all MA registered medical cannabis patients and adult use customers 21+. Conveniently located on Route 9, your favorite Brookline dispensary is just a T stop away from Boston.

Dispensary Hours:
Open 7 Days a Week!

160 Washington Street, Brookline, MA





Monday-Friday, 10am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday, 9am-10pm


Menu for Delivery Orders

Delivery is available for registered medical patients in MA. NETA delivers throughout the metro Boston area.





Monday-Saturday, 10am-7:45pm
Sunday, 12pm-5:45pm


Menu for Pickup Orders

Due to Covid-19, all orders must be reserved ahead and walk-ins are prohibited.

We encourage everyone to take the T image

Green Line "D" branch - Brookline Village station

Green Line "E" branch - Riverway station

Bus routes: 39, 60, 65 and 66

image Driving

Dedicated patient parking

Parking spots at Homewood Suites for customers

Parking garages steps away

Metered parking nearby

image Bicycle

Ride in for your next trip? We have a covered bike rack.


More travel tips!



NETA will always strive to be a good neighbor. We seek to be a model dispensary and will do our part to ensure that we are responsible, responsive and compliant with all state and local laws and regulations. Our staff strives to perform in a way that is professional, respectful and thoughtful. We kindly request that the people we serve follow the same standards to ensure successful implementation of the program and to garner the respect of our communities.

Use of marijuana or marijuana products on or around NETA’s facilities is strictly prohibited. Please do not park illegally on the streets surrounding our stores or in spaces not intended for dispensary use. We strongly encourage the use of public transportation.

We want you to feel safe when you visit a NETA dispensary. Please let us know if you need extra assistance while you’re visiting our stores. Please immediately report any suspicious or illegal activity. Being a good neighbor will allow us to maintain a healthy relationship with the communities we serve and be able to serve your needs for years to come.

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No / Little Line
PATIENTS You won't have to wait in line. Just come on in! ADULT USE Now Open! Lines are significantly shorter compared to opening week. In fact, for several hours on most weekdays, there is no line outside at all. Consider using our Reserve Ahead web app (NETACARE.ORG/RESERVEAHEAD) - most of the time there is little to no line outside for Reserve Ahead pickup orders.